Why you should be a member of Audubon of Martin County

Conservation starts at home - Sadly, birds are in serious decline. Our programs and events show how YOU can make a difference to the birds LOCALLY by learning how to “bird-scape” your yard and preserve native habitat around you.

Show your community that birds matter - Your membership supports our education programs for pre-school, elementary age, and high school children - and interesting lectures for adults. You will inspire the next generation of conservationists!

Find new ways to enjoy birds and connect with nature - Go on birding field trips, learn how to bird from other birders, volunteer to help teens with conservation projects or youngsters make a birdhouse. There are plenty of ways to get out there and enjoy the natural scenery surrounding the birds in the wild.

Help preserve the balance on which all life depends - Your membership helps local birds thrive. Thriving birds = thriving ecosystems! Thriving ecosystems are good for wildlife, birds, and PEOPLE.

Our mission is to promote conservation through education about birds and their native habitat, while providing avenues to experience the joy of observing birds in the wild and the beautiful natural scenery around them.

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