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Christmas Bird Count

Stuart Christmas Bird Count Sunday, January 1, 2023

All documents necessary for recording and submitting CBC data will be attached below in December.


Counters are to be to single birders counting smaller areas and/or petite groups of 2 or 3 who NORMALLY are together and would have no COVID-19 space sharing issues.

Please contact Laurie Odlum to let her know where you prefer to bird so she can get birders to all HOT SPOT areas and get a good coverage of the Stuart Martin Circle with reduced counters and no overlapping.  As always first come first served.


Here are the guidelines for the 2022/2023 CBC Stuart Circle:


  • Anyone who has a birdfeeder or yard can count just in their yard.

  • There will be NO in-person pre-count meeting or post-count party.

  • All forms and data sheets will be delivered electronically.

  • Carpooling may only occur within existing/established familiar or social “pod” groups.

  • Birding activities must comply with all current State of Florida and municipal (St Lucie and Martin Counties) COVID-19 guidelines.  As you know these can be changeable.

  • Social distancing and/or masks are HIGHLY recommended. The safety of all bird counters & citizen scientists will always be our top priority.

AS A REMINDER -- only those birds counted on the count day of Sunday, January 1, will be recorded as official birds.


All documents necessary for recording and submitting CBC data will be attached below.

  1. Everybody uses the Party Species Count Form (aka Check list).

  2. FeederWatch and BackyardWatch birders should use the FeederWatch Participant Data Sheet.  

  3. Birders counting out in the field should use the Party Members Data Form.  

Please submit the provided forms, not previous year forms or forms in alpha order.  The forms are bird ordered by the documents we have to submit to State recorders.

Remember to submit your forms digitally via e-mail, NOT images thru your smart phone as we have to print them anyway. E-mail with “Stuart CBC” in the subject line. If you cannot scan or copy your forms, a clear picture in JPG format can work.

Contact Laurie @ 772-486-2837 to arrange for drop-off location if all above fail.

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