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Congratulations to our "Florida's Natural Beauty"

2021 Photography Contest Winners!

Kathryn Turney 1st place WIldlife Jumping School.jpg


Best in Show

1st Place - Wildlife

Kathryn Turney

"Jumping School"

Paul Strauss 1st place Birds Viera Wetlands Dispute.jpg

1st Place - Birds

Paul Strauss

"Viera Wetlands Dispute"

Judy Haran 2nd place Birds Mom Its Dinnertime.jpg

2nd Place - Birds

Judy Haran

"Mom, it's dinnertime"

Stuart Kaye 3rd place Birds Eagle Tantrum.jpg

3rd Place - Birds

Stuart Kaye

"Eagle Tantrum"

Lois Fraser 2nd place Wildlife Razzle Dazzle Dragonfly.jpg

2nd Place - Wildlife

Lois Fraser

"Razzle Dazzle Dragonfly"

Christopher Spain 3rd place Wildlife Wild Beauty.jpg

3rd Place - Wildlife

Christopher Spain

"Wild Beauty"

Paul Strauss 1st Place Flora-Landscape Foggy Sunrise.jpg

1st Place - Flora / Landscape

Paul Strauss

"Foggy Sunrise"

Lois Fraser 2nd place Flora-Landscape Blue Flag Iris.jpg

2nd Place - Flora / Landscape

Lois Fraser

"Blue Flag Iris"

Bob Gibson 3rd place Flora-Landscape Blowing Rocks Sunrise.jpg

3rd Place - Flora / Landscape

Bob Gibson

"Blowing Rocks Sunrise"

Tom Gilmore 1st place Drone House of Refuge.jpg

1st Place - Drone

Tom Gilmore

"House of Refuge"

Bob Gibson 2nd place Drone Jupiter Lighthouse and Inlet.jpg

2nd Place - Drone

Bob Gibson

"Jupiter Lighthouse and Inlet"

Mark Stall 1st place Cell Phone Loggerhead in Flight.jpg

1st Place - Cell Phone

Mark Stall

"Loggerhead in Flight"

Holly Cannon 2nd place Cell Phone Garden Tulips.jpg

2nd Place - Cell Phone

Holly Cannon

"Garden Tulips"

Holly Cannon 3rd place Cell Phone Swallowtail Release.jpg

3rd Place - Cell Phone

Holly Cannon

"Swallowtail Release"

Jean-Louis Rousselle Honorable Mention Roseate Spoonbill.jpg

Honorable Mention

Jean-Louis Rousselle

"Roseate Spoonbill"


Honorable Mention

Michelle Loweth



Honorable Mention

John Furlong

"Moon Shadow...Moon Shadow"


Honorable Mention

Lee Sussman

"Morning Stroll"

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