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Congratulations to our "Florida's Natural Beauty"

2023 Photography Contest Winners!


Best in Show

Robert Gloeckner

"Tucked in"

1P Birds.jpg

1st Place - Birds

Christopher Spain

"Silhouettes in the mist"

2P Birds.jpg

2nd Place - Birds

Elizabeth Johnson

"Under my umbrella"

3P Birds.jpg

3rd Place - Birds

Jean-Louis Rousselle

"With my breakfast"

HM1 Birds.jpg

Honorable Mention - Birds

Elizabeth George

"Heart murmur"

HM2 Birds.jpg

Honorable Mention - Birds

Brad Zobel

"Florida Bald Eagles"

HM3 Birds.jpg

Honorable Mention - Birds

Lee Sussman

“Burrowing Owl on the hunt”

1P Wildlife.jpg

1st Place - Wildlife

Jean-Louis Rousselle

"Mating season"

2P Wildlife.jpg

2nd Place - Wildlife

Lee Sussman

"Dinner is served"

3P Wildlife.jpg

3rd Place - Wildlife

Paul Price

"Reflection of a photographer"

1P Flora-Landscape.jpg

1st Place - Flora/Landscape

Paul Strauss

"Foggy Cypress Swamp"

2P Flora-Landscape.jpg

2nd Place - Flora/Landscape

Mark Stall

"Dragonfly Orchid"

3P Flora-Landscape.jpg

3rd Place - Flora/Landscape

Les Greenwood

"Double beauty"

HM1 Flora-Landscape.jpg

Honorable Mention - Flora/Landscape

Paul Price

"Pier 1"

HM2 Flora-Landscape.jpg

Honorable Mention - Flora-Landscape

Kathy Sergio

"Deering Estate Autumnal Sunrise"

1P Cell Phone.jpg

1st Place - Cell Phone

Pat Houston

"Sandpiper at sunrise"

2P Cell Phone.jpg

2nd Place - Cell Phone

Linda Sussman

"Blow me away"

3P Cell Phone.jpg

3rd Place - Cell Phone

Paul Strauss

"Cabbage Palm Hammock"

1P Creative.jpg

1st Place - Creative

Marty Purdy

"Glorious Glossy Ibis"

2P Creative.jpg

2nd Place - Creative

Marty Purdy

"The Squadron"

3P Creative.jpg

3rd Place - Creative

Jack Daye

"Glass symmetry"

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