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Whether you explore Possum Long Nature Center at your own pace, hike along with us at Lakeside STA and others for an expert-guided field trip, or join us for one of our many other activities, we help you engage with nature in meaningful ways.

Audubon of Martin County believes that when we advocate on behalf of birds, we promote a healthier, more sustainable, and more inclusive human community.

Audubon of Martin County promotes community connections around a shared passion for discovering birds and nature, hosting numerous field trips, special events, and thought-provoking lectures each year, many of which are FREE to the public.


More than ever before, Martin County's lands need our help. By restoring and preserving a mosaic of landscapes at Possum Long Nature Center - and empowering others to do the same - Audubon of Martin County members are educating residents on keeping local habitats healthy for birds and other wildlife.

Audubon of Martin County's nature-based education programs help connect kids to the outdoors through partnerships with local schools and community centers. These hands-on learning experiences help kids from all backgrounds explore, enjoy, and discover the natural world in their own communities.

Audubon of Martin County educates and empowers its members and the public through clear, straightforward communication of advocacy issues affecting our shared environment.


Sharing a passion for Martin County's natural heritage is essential for its future. By inspiring people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate the natural world, we are setting the stage for a bright future for birds and for all of us. We're inspiring leaders for the future of Martin County's environment.

With a small, dedicated staff, enthusiastic interns, and passionate volunteers, Audubon of Martin County actively manages Possum Long Nature Center and advocates for nearby properties to maximize their habitat value.


Audubon of Martin County's board and staff seek to explore and recommend appropriate advocacy policy and encourage the action of our members.

Special thanks to our benefactors!


Jim Howe        Nancy Haliwell        Childs Trust       Judith Yaker


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fishel        Knopf Family Foundation        Dr. & Mrs. Richard Forster

Briggs-Trimble Family Charitable Fund          John McGhee          TEAM PARKS


Mr & Mrs Robert Banks        Elizabeth Fathauer        Wille & Mary Janeway


Mary Win O'Brien        Mr & Mrs Ray Klahne

Eagle, Patron & Eco-Partner Members


      Rick & Linda Haan          John Mellaci


Carmine Greco       Kimberly Kitchen       Donald Kurtz


Mary Beth Menden       Deborah Payson       Stephen Shaw       Mark Hale       Varun Singh

B the Change Native Pants & Landscape Design


Gregory & Rosita Aristoff       Marcia Balow       Eula Clarke       Kendra Copeland       Cynthia Daugherty


Lisa Dawley      Brian Foss       Jody Foster       Kathy Grossman       Ned Hurle       Paula Lane


John Lee       Jill McGrath       Lorraine Morecraft       Mary Morett       Cheri Pawlak       Beverly Poppke


Penny Pray       Linda Richey       Mary Rollins       Robert Steele       Ellyn Stevenson       Katherine Ward


Albert & Kathleen Williams       William Woolford       Stephanie Young       Stuart Law Group

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