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Congratulations to our "Florida's Natural Beauty"

2022 Photography Contest Winners!

1P Wildlife


Best in Show

1st Place - Wildlife

Angel Ohler

"Mallophora bomboides with Prey"

1P Birds

1st Place - Birds

Lee Sussman

"Fresh Catch"

2P Birds

2nd Place - Birds

Robert Gloeckner 

"The Last Tickle"

3P Birds

3rd Place - Birds

Judy Yaker

"Sanderling Preens"

HM1 Birds

Honorable Mention - Birds

Christopher Spain

"Elegant Egret"

HM2 Birds

Honorable Mention - Birds

John Furlong

"Early Morning Reflections with Overcast Sky"

2P Wildlife

2nd Place - Wildlife

Lee Sussman

"Three in a row"

3P Wildlife

3rd Place - Wildlife

Lois Fraser

"Going for it (Honey Bee)"

1P Flora-Landscape

1st Place - Flora / Landscape

Michelle Loweth

"Night’s Beauty"

2P Flora-Landscape

2nd Place - Flora / Landscape

James Knill

"Sunset at Cayo Costa"

3P Flora-Landscape

3rd Place - Flora / Landscape

Jim Mandeville

"Jupiter Light Storm"

1P Drone

1st Place - Drone

Tom Gilmore

"Tuckahoe Mansion"

1P Cell Phone

1st Place - Cell Phone

Mark Stall

"A Shell Among the Mangroves"

2P Cell Phone

2nd Place - Cell Phone

Lois Fraser

"Feeling Crabby"

3P Cell Phone

3rd Place - Cell Phone

Paul Strauss

"Florida Sunrise"

HM1 Cell Phone

Honorable Mention - Cell Phone

Fred Peterson

"Making My Debut"

1P Creative

1st Place - Creative

Marty Purdy


2P Creative.jpg

2nd Place - Creative

Marty Purdy

"Gentle Preen"

3P Creative

3rd Place - Creative

Christopher Spain

"Half Moon"

HM1 Creative

Honorable Mention - Creative

Michael Przekop

"Water as Canvas"

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